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A packed show full of live looping (on our custom built) Loop Station + everything you would see Ed do in his live performances from beat boxing to percussion.

This accuracy and desire to ensure everyone receives the full Ed Sheeran experience has pushed Jack to be one of the most acclaimed impersonators in the world.

Travelling with no less than 5 guitars all are Ed’s LX1E or special edition ‘x’ & % guitars and a custom built replica of Eds 00 guitar. Plus a custom built loop station & a qualified sound technician.

The standard show consists of a full jam packed 90 minute concert performance (shorter sets are available), creating the atmosphere where people forget who and where they are watching. We have a range of performance set ups to cater for all types of events and needs.

Jack can come fully self-contained for all events including Weddings and small private functions, and we can cater for audiences from 5 -1000 people plus more if needed.

We provide a full lighting system and for larger events a lighting technician and a full computerised light show.

Please note the set up is a large size – don’t be fooled into the one man and is guitar concept!

Kirsty runs everything behind the scenes , meaning you are dealing direct with the musician – our main priority is your event.  We fully support all events via our website and social media and we are only a phone call away.

Although we work alongside agency/agents, we are independent run company Shepherd Live LTD, which enables us to adapt to suit events without compromising on the service you receive, and you save yourself a bit of money coming direct. Don’t be fooled if someone says any different; we are not under any one agent/agency.

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